The first thing is how to start investing in amazon, I actually go by Becky nearly all of the time. I’m a 28 year old farmer’s daughter turned New Yorker. This whole place exists so I’ve got somewhere to keep track of the various writing and clips and projects I’ve done.

I graduated from Brandeis University in 2005, with a degree in American Studies and a concentration in journalism. In 2006, I started as an intern at Success Magazine, and later was promoted to research assistant and then assistant editor. When the magazine changed ownership, I transitioned to working as a web producer at TheBody.com, a massive HIV/AIDS education site, and was later promoted to site manager buy amazon shares online.

Outside of work, I attempt to write novels, read a lot of books, and drink a lot of coffee. You can find out more about that and my other various projects at my sporadically updated blog, if you’d care to.

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